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At Notary Public London, our Notary or Notary Public specialises in a small section of the law where we can help the public get documents certified that foreign countries require. Unlike with a solicitor, where their duty is to their client, our responsibility is to be 100% sure of the authenticity of the documents we notarise. When we, or any Notary, London based or beyond offer our service, we do so with complete integrity and impartiality so that what we authenticate can be trusted in any other country. If you need to use documents in another country then you need us to authenticate them. There are notaries all over the UK, but we specialise in serving the people and businesses in London.

What will we certify for you?

There is a large range of documents we can witness and sign to authenticate them for you. We are happy to work with individuals or companies, and if you are not able to get to us, we do offer to come to you at a time that is convenient for all. Documents that need to be notarised include;



What is an Apostille?

In some cases when you come to us to use our notary services, there is a request from the country you are dealing with for an Apostille to also be attached. This is a certificate that confirms the authenticity of our notary. It states basically that we are authorised to notarise and the documents we stamp or sign are genuine. Countries that are a part of the Hague Convention from 1961 can ask for this, and it is not us at Notary Public London that does it but the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They sign the certificate and stamp it with a seal that confirms its authority.

The name Apostille is actually French for certificate. You will make an appointment to come to us as usual for whatever your notary needs are. We will make sure everything is in order in terms of the documents that need to be authenticated and with the required proof of identification and address. Usually, if documentation needs notarization and an Apostille attached as well, this is made clear. If you are not sure you need to contact the place you are sending the documents to, before you come to our Notary, London located.

It is common to need an Apostille when dealing with a foreign court, public institution, land registry or government for example. When a country has not signed the Hague Convention, as well as having an Apostille attached to the notarised documentation you may also need it stamped at their embassy or UK consulate.


At Notary Public London we are happy to give you a quote. Just let us know what documents you need us to notarise and we will get back to you with one. We are happy to offer you the chance to have us come to you, both for weekend and evening visits, just contact us to book something. Check out our website for further information on who we can help, and what proof of identity and residence you need to bring. We look forward to helping you move forward in your endeavors!