Notary Public London

Notary Public London

A Notary is also known as a Notary Public and is a very specialised part of the law dealing with any documents that need to be authenticated for the purpose of being used abroad. There are a number of Notary, London based options but here at Notary Public London, we pride ourselves in our experience, professionalism and on making things as convenient as possible for our clients. With appointments, if you cannot reach us, we can come to you, and we even offer evening and weekend appointments for those unable to get out during office hours.

Getting in touch with us

We have a website you can take a look at with useful information and our contact information. As mentioned you can make an appointment from there or give our office a call. We also offer quotes online which not all Notaries do. Just list for us what documentation you need notarised for the appointment and we will get back to you with our very fair and competitive quote for that work. If you want to speed up the process you could also choose to send the documents ahead of the appointment, via email, fax or courier, for example, giving our Notary time to look through them.

Our Notary, London located offers services to individuals and companies

At Notary Public London our Notary as an official in the UK can put our seal and signature on paperwork needed in a foreign country. There are personal and individual reasons a person might need to use our services like passports, adoption papers, purchasing property or getting married abroad for example. There are also reasons a company might need our authentication, opening offices and bank accounts abroad, commercial contracts, authenticating official company documents, commercial mortgages and such. For a more detailed list of the kind of documents we handle, see our website.

What you need to bring with you, or have ready if we come to you

Before we can check through your documents that you want us to authenticate, we need to see some proof of identification from you as well as some proof of residence. The seal we give your documents is recognised globally. It states that we are above approach, that we know for certain you are whom you claim to be and that the documents we sign are authentic. We have to be independent and we have strict rules we have to follow, and we do so proudly.

For proof of identity, it needs to be the original document, not a photocopy. You should also be aware that a Notary, London based and elsewhere in the UK are all legally expected to hold that identification evidence in their files and have been since 2007.
Identification you can use to confirm your identity includes;

Documents accepted as proof of address (again in their original form) include;

Documents accepted to prove due incorporation of your company include;

Our best advice

We want things to go as smoothly as they can for you in this process. The best way to have this happen is to follow the advice we have here and on our site. Book an appointment with us at a time that is most convenient for you. Make sure you have the needed original documents for proof of identity, proof of address and if relevant proof of company. If you do not come with the right documents we cannot look at what you want us to sign and witness. If the documents are dated they need to be within the last 3 months.

If your documentation also requires an Apostille that is something that happens after we have notarised, but not something we can do here. Once we have signed the document then we or you have to send it to the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. They attach a certificate that confirms our seal is official. Feel free to get in touch with is however you prefer and we can answer questions, make an appointment and give you quotes.